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GLG Life Tech Corporation (TSX:GLG) specializes in the production of stevia. Our operations are fully vertically integrated and include the research and development of high purity stevia plant strains as well as the agricultural and industrial production of stevia extracts. Utilizing innovation and proprietary and advanced technology, GLG is committed to providing stevia sweetening systems to food and beverage companies around the globe.

News Releases


December 15, 2014 GLG Develops New “Super” Reb A Seedling, Nearly Tripling the Amount of Rebaudioside A

December 10, 2014 GLG Announces FDA’s Insurance of Letter of No Objection for Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) Extracts

December 9, 2014 GLG Patents New Rebaudioside C Seedling with 600% More Rebaudioside C than Traditional Stevia Plants

November 14, 2014 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results

October 27, 2014 GLG Announces FDA’s Issuance of Letter of No Objection for High-Purity Rebaudioside M

September 30, 2014 GLG Announces Discontinuance of Final Pending Shareholder Lawsuit

September 12, 2014 GLG Announces Changes To Convertible Debt Agreement

August 12, 2014 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results

July 21, 2014 GLG Announces GRAS Notification with FDA for High-Purity Rebaudioside C

June 26, 2014 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces AGM Voting Results

June 3, 2014 GLG Announces FDA’s Issuance of Letter of No Objection for Rebsweet™ and AnySweetPLUS™ Stevia Extracts

May 22, 2014 GLG Announces Filing of GRAS Notification with FDA for Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) Extracts

April 14, 2014 GLG Announces High Purity Reb M GRAS Notification with FDA

March 31, 2014 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Financial Results

March 13, 2014 GLG Announces US Shareholder Lawsuit Dismissal Becomes Final

March 7, 2014 GLG Announces Organipure

February 3, 2014 GLG Announces Filing of Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) Process and Formulation Patent

February 3, 2014 GLG Announces Dismissal of US Shareholder Lawsuit


December 5, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Health Canada Approval of LHG
November 14, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces 2013 Third Quarter Results
September 11, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Launch Of GLG Naturals+
September 5, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces New Distribution Agreement for Canada and Sale of Joint Venture in China
August 14, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces 2013 Second Quarter Results
July 24, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces TSX Delisting Review is Now Complete & GLG Shares Remain on TSX
June 27, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Revocation Order Issuance.pdf
June 27, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces AGM Voting Results
June 19, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Completion of Continuous Disclosure Review
June 12, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Letter of Intent Signed with China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuff Corporation to Develop Healthy Stevia Sweetened Products for China Market
June 10, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Financial Results and Filing of Amended and Restated Results
May 21, 2013 GLG Life Tech corporation provides regulatory update
May 15, 2013 GLG Life Tech corporation announces planned collaboration with china national cereals, oils, and foodstuff corporation (“COFCO”)
April 02, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation announces delay in filing year-end Financial Statements
January 29, 2013 GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces New Distribution Agreement For South Africa With Crest Chemicals (Pty) Ltd.


Stock Information

Board of Directors

Dr. Luke Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Luke Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Luke Zhang is a recognized individual in the business, medical and academic communities in both North America and Asia. He has successfully built and managed a number of firms in the health industry, food industry, medical equipment and software development industries.

He holds a Ph. D. in Pharmacology from Vanderbilt University in the United States, a Masters of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Shanghai First Medical University in China and a Bachelor of Medicine from Shandong Medical University in China.

His expertise in the medical field have helped fuel company growth as well as set foundational principals in research and innovation. In addition, his vision and strategic direction have enabled the company to maintain a leading edge in the global community.

Brian Palmieri, Vice Chairman

Brian Palmieri, Vice Chairman

Brian Palmieri is a hands-on executive with extensive international business experience. As principal and CEO of multiple ventures, he has successfully built global corporations in manufacturing, services, and importing/exporting. He particularly specializes in start up and company restructuring, focusing on long term growth plans and profitability.

His aggressive entrepreneurship over the last 25 years has led him to all regions of the world including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He has expertise in business development, operations, acquisitions, strategic alliances, and financing.

Currently, he is positioning GLG for global growth into markets outside of Asia.

David Hall, Independent Director

David Hall, Independent Director

Mr. David Hall is a consultant to the life sciences industry. He was previously the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, and is an active advocate for the British Columbia life sciences industry. During Mr. Hall’s tenure with Angiotech, he helped facilitate $1.2 billion in financing, assisted in the completion of 11 acquisitions and established one of Canada’s first dedicated SOX programs. Mr. Hall is the Past Chair and a current board member of Life Sciences BC, a non-profit advocacy group for biotechnology, where he actively leads the organization’s public policy initiatives.

Mr. Hall was also a member of the BC Task Force on PharmaCare and serves on the board of directors of the International Finance Centre for British Columbia. Mr. Hall holds an Honours Economic and an Honours Finance degree from the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Hong Zhao Guang, Independent Director

Dr. Hong Zhao Guang, Independent Director

Dr. Hong Zhao Guang is an active leader in both the academic and business communities in China. Receiving his degree from Shanghai First Medical College, he has been the vice president of Beijing Anzhen Hospital and the vice director of the Cardiovascular Disease Expert Consulting Committee for the Ministry of Public Health in China. Currently Dr. Hong is directing commissioner with the Aged Chinese Healthcare Association and the vice group leader for physicians at Capital Medical Science University, one of the top ranking academic medical institutions in China.

Dr. Hong has written and edited more than ten books and published more than one hundred academic theses and five hundred articles for the scientific community. During the last 15 years, Dr. Hong has devoted his time to the education of citizens throughout China on the importance of wellness, health, and an active lifestyle, including the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. His books have been read by more than 70 million people and his lectures heard by over 200 million people in China.

Fangzhen He, Independent Director

Fangzhen He, Independent Director

Mr. Fangzhen He is a specialist in manufacturing and production. With over 40 years of experience, his rich expertise as a chief engineer lies in optimizing manufacturing plant and personnel, particularly in China. His specialties include planning, operational structure, maintenance, safety, quality control and risk management as well as the assignment, training and supervision of production and technology personnel. Mr. He graduated from Taiyuan Polytech University in China.

Paul Block, Independent Director

Paul Block, Independent Director

Mr. Block brings to GLG’s Board a wealth of senior executive experience in the global food and beverage and high intensity sweetener industries, particularly in the areas of sales, marketing, and business development.

Most recently, Mr. Block served as Chief Executive Officer of Merisant Worldwide Company, Inc. and the Whole Earth Sweetener Co., LLC. While at Merisant, Mr. Block oversaw the company’s well-recognized line of sweeteners, including the Equal® sweetener brand. Prior to joining Merisant, Mr. Block held C-level positions at Sara Lee Coffee and Tea Consumer Brands, Allied Domecq Spirits USA and Groupe Danone. Mr. Block has been a key figure in developing the global stevia tabletop market through his role as CEO at Merisant and the Whole Earth Sweetener Co., LLC., launching the successful Pure Via® line of tabletop zero calorie stevia sweeteners.

Mr. Block’s knowledge, experience, and strategic skills with respect to stevia and high intensity sweeteners are a valuable asset for GLG.

Sophia Leung, Independent Director

Madame Sophia Leung, C.M. has made significant contributions to the business and political communities in Canada. Her various awards and achievements have reached the provincial as well as national level. Additionally, she has played an active role in the international business community, specifically in China, and has in turn also received international honors. The following is an overview of her accomplishments:

  • Special Advisor to Prime Minister of Canada in International Trade 2004-2006
  • Honorary President, Shenzhen Chamber of International Investment and Financing 2006-2008
  • Parliamentary Secretary for National Revenue of Canada 2000-2004
  • Member of Parliament of Canada 1997–2004
  • Chair, British Columbia Liberal Caucus
  • Chair, Northern and Western Liberal Caucus
  • Member, Standing Committee of Finance/Citizenship and Immigration in Parliament
  • Founding Chair, the Canada- Hong Kong Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Vice-Chair, the Canada-China Legislative Friendship Association
  • YWCA Women of Distinction
  • Canada Volunteer Award
  • Order of Canada
  • Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
  • Prime Minister’s Citation

Yingchun Liu, Independent Director

Ms. Liu Yingchun has extensive experience in finance and accounting. Her most recently held positions include Credit Director for the Heze Industrial and Commercial Bank and Division Director for Pacific Life Insurance in Heze, China.

Corporate Governance

GLG Life Tech Corporation is managed under the direction of the Board of Directors, whose purpose is to maximize long-term economic value for our shareholders by responsibly addressing the concerns of our employees, business partners, communities, and government. GLG has adopted corporate governance practices to promote the effective functioning of the Board, its committees and the company. All employees, officers and directors are required to adhere to principals of integrity and honesty while conducting business on behalf of GLG Life Tech Corporation.

Our business operates in an environment designed to be transparent and highly ethical. Our core principles outline the way we strive to conduct our day-to-day business operations. This covers everything from our financial reporting procedures to our operational code of ethics. Each day our people focus on exacting principles in our production facilities in order to adhere to strict procedures necessary to meet the certifications associated with high quality food manufacturing practices.

Our financial team is also bound by a responsibility to comply with regulatory standards defined under the stringent requirements of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

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