Stevia and Monk Fruit Extracts

GLG Leading Life Technologies is the world’s leading sustainable and vertically integrated producer of zero-calorie natural sweeteners including high-purity stevia extract and high purity monk fruit extract.

Through our vertically integrated business, we specialize in the research and development, growing, refining, and production of natural sweeteners for distribution to the global food and beverage industry.

Founded by Dr. Zhang our company is committed to:

  1. Promoting health & reducing the obesity.
  2. Providing livelihoods for our farmers through our Fair Wage Farmer’s Program.
  3. Being a leader in sustainable agriculture practices for a healthy future.
  4. An innovator in the natural sweetener industry

GLG’s vertically integrated operations cover each step in the stevia and luo han guo supply chains, including seed breeding, propagation, growth and harvest, extraction, refining, and formulation. Our corporate headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and we maintain agricultural and processing facilities in the People’s Republic of China.

GLG is proud to be a Canadian company


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Natural Sweeteners Latest Developments

GLG's scientists have devoted over 15 years of research in Non-GMO means of natural trait propagation. They have worked to develop the highest rebaudioside A yielding plants in the industry, and the development of separation processes to produce only the highest quality stevia extracts for use in a wide range of food and beverage applications.

  • Luo Han Guo

    Luo Han Guo

    Luo Han Guo is approximately 250-400 times sweeter than sucrose.

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  • Stevia Farmer program

    Farmer Fair Wage Program

    Creating a Strong Foundation For Their Family’s Future.

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  • Stevia Sweetener

    Rise of Stevia Sweetener

    Stevia is a 100 percent natural, calorie-free sugar substitute.

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  • Stevia growth areas


    GLG in ten of China’s largest stevia growing areas.

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GLG Life Tech Corporation announced that it is launching its new line of stevia sweeteners 'organipure'. The organipure line includes purity levels that pair the clean finish and rounded sweetness that GLG stevia extracts are known for with organic certifications that are recognized both in North America and Europe.

Business Week, March 2014


GLG offers the largest portfolio of stevia extract-based sweetener solutions globally, providing a number of options within the organic line that allows for the use of organipure stevia extract in both high-end and cost constrained formulations aiming to provide providing consumers with an organic certified premium finished product.

Market Watch, March 2014


Our One Team Approach

With exceptional vision, strong leadership and diverse expertise, our management team is our strongest asset here at GLG Leading Life Technologies. Each of our seasoned executives has extensive experience in the global marketplace and takes a hands-on approach using sound, ethical business practices.

GLG has a “one team” mindset and philosophy in its operations that ensures all team members are focused on providing our customers with the highest quality and lowest cost zero calorie natural sweeteners they can purchase in the world today.


GLG Values


Dr. Luke Zhang

Dr. Luke Zhang

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Brian Meadows

Brian Meadows

President and Chief Financial Officer

Qibin Wang

Qibin Wang

VP of Agriculture, Chief Agricultural Scientist

Shaun Richmond

Shaun Richmond

Vice-President of Sales

Kevin Li

Kevin Li

Vice President of Innovation & Quality Assurance

Yunru Zhang

Yunru Zhang

Co-President of Secondary Processing

Kunzhong Pang

Kunzhong Pang

President of Primary Processing

Simon Springett

Simon Springett

VP of Operations

Xia Zhengyi

Xia Zhengyi

Co-President of Secondary Processing




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