GLG’s Mission

Our One Team Approach

With exceptional vision, strong leadership and diverse expertise, our management team is our strongest asset here at GLG Life Tech Corp. Each of our seasoned executives has extensive experience in the global marketplace and takes a hands-on approach using sound, ethical business practices.

GLG has a “one team” mindset and philosophy in its operations that ensures all team members are focused on providing our customers with the highest quality and lowest cost zero calorie natural sweeteners they can purchase in the world today.



Our One Team philosophy not only includes valuing each employee of GLG as an integral member of our team, but also extends to those we work with and collaborating within and outside the company is an important part of how GLG approaches its business.


GLG seeks to continually improve the quality of our stevia and monk fruit proprietary plants, our extraction and purification processes and our product offerings. GLG is always looking to improve its quality, lower its costs, and expand its product and service offerings.

We support the efforts of our employees seeking to push forward improvements in all aspects of our supply chain.


Passion for growth is a key concept of our core philosophy at GLG, as we continually strive to develop our team, our product lines, and our business model to support a triple bottom line.


Sustainability for GLG is comprised of a triple bottom line approach: Developing strong returns for our clients and investors while also modeling best practices in sustainable agriculture, and social responsibility to our growers, farmers, and employees.