Monk Fruit Sweeteners



Luo han guo, or monk fruit, is one of the most recent additions to the global natural sweetener market and is among one of the most exciting ingredients to be approved.
Luo han guo not only offers natural sweetening for a variety of finished food and beverage applications but offers a well-rounded sucrose-like taste profile that formulators are hard pressed to find from other natural options.

GLG has made significant investments in the luo han guo market to offer the same vertical integration as GLG’s stevia portfolio, allowing for unparalleled quality and full traceability from fruit to final product. Through close relationships with our farmers and many learnings from our stevia production expertise, GLG’s luo han guo portfolio offers a number of purity levels providing our customers with a variety of taste profiles and prices that fit a wide spectrum of product formulation budgets.


Luo Han Guo extract is a natural sweetener sourced from the Luo Han Guo fruit (Monk fruit). Mogroside is the sweetening component in this extract with Mogroside V being the most abundant. Luo Han Guo provides a rounded sweetness and is approximately 250 – 400 times sweeter than sucrose with just 2kcal per gram.


  • Naturally sourced low calorie sweetener
  • Contains anti-oxidants and vitamins
  • Provides rounded sweetness without increasing blood sugar levels



  • Tabletop sweetener products
  • Beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Supplements and bars


GLG is dedicated to continuous R&D. GLG is cooperating with key scientific research institutions who are dedicated to develop better plant varieties which are expected to have stronger disease resistance, higher yield, higher mogroside V levels, and to innovate the planting process technology.

R&D Operations Team:

GLG has developed a professional R&D team and a professional operations team who are experienced in plant extraction and purification. To date, the operations team has mastered the most advanced process technology in Luo Han Guo (mogroside extraction) industry, covering the key processes of extraction, purification, and refining.

For the production line design, GLG has developed it in accordance with the GMP standard and the requirements of food processing industry. This includes food grade stainless steel equipment, advanced automatic control devices and first-class extraction purification technology, to ensure the food safety of the products.

GLG’s brings all of its advantages from Stevia industry to Luo Han Guo

In the Stevia industry, GLG is the only company that has complete seed to shelf vertical integration. Our operations cover each step in the stevia supply chain including the seed breeding, natural propagation, agriculture, primary extraction, refining, marketing of finished product.

There are six primary Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) varieties. With the enlargement of the cultivated areas, some varieties had been eliminated. Now over 97% in the market are the “Green husk fruit”.

High quality Monk Fruit can ensure both the consistency of taste in a mogrosides extract and cost of mogrosides which enables sustainable lower pricing in the industry.

Mogroside and Stevia industries both belong to “Plant extract industry. The production process is comparable to stevia refinement process, with four necessary steps:

  1. Agriculture {seedling Breeding]
  2. Raw Material
  3. Purchase Storage
  4. Extraction & Refining