ClearTasteTM Stevia

ClearTasteTM: The Best-Tasting Stevia Extract Available in the Market


Organic Bitter Blocker

Neutralize taste defects that are bitter/astringent creating a base to add flavors, achieving a balance of flavor and cost.

Organic Food Processing Platform

Our platform allows us to solve some of the toughest challenges in the food and beverage industry.

Ultra Low Sugar Technology

Elimination of taste defects allows for significant reduction in sweeteners that are typically used to mask off notes.


Innovative Agricultural Products

  • Natural process that improves taste

  • Process with unique strains of fungi

  • Two processes MycoSmooth® & MycoZyme™

  • No chemicals & GMO-free

  • Certified organic process

  • Patents awarded & pending

Next Generation of Sucrose-like Stevia

GLG and MycoTech Partnership


  • Natural bitter blocker
  • ClearTasteTM Flavor Enhancer
  • Blocks bitter receptors
  • Eliminates metallic aftertaste
  • Reduces lingering sweetness
  • Eliminate/reduce the need for sugar

Available spray-dried or blended with the stevia of your choice


Common Name: Stevia

Botanical Name: Stevia Rebaudiana, Rebaudioside A, Bertoni

Growing Region: Paraguay, China, Peru, Brazil


  • ClearTaste Reb A 97
  • ClearTaste Reb A 80
  • ClearTaste Reb A 60