Turn-Key Solutions

1 - Turn-Key Zero-Calorie

The Dream Sweetener™ Product Line
The Advantages
Tastes like cane sugar, is zero-calorie and has no aftertaste
Provides a consistent sweetness for much easier formulation for a food and beverage company
Easy to handle, unlike typical high-purity stevia extracts, which come in a light powder form
Can reduce the me-to market for food and beverage companies since the major formulation challenges (aftertaste & consistency of taste from batch to batch) with high-purity stevia extracts have been addressed through our innovative formulations
Compares favorable to the cost of cane sugar and is more cost efficient at larger volumes
2 - Turn-Key - Low-Calorie

Reduced calorie solution to 1/3 of cane sugar, ideal for use in food and beverage products

Tastes like sugar
Easy to directly replace sugar or any other artificial sweetener
Relieve sugar shortage issue
Ability to bring low-calorie products to market quickly