Our History & Values

GLG’s corporate values are rooted in Dr. Zhang’s vision to bring a healthier natural zero calorie sweetener to the world.  As a clinical practitioner, Dr. Zhang had a lot of experience in treating chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.  Through his clinical work and research he became an advocate that diet had a significant influence on the treatment and spread of these chronic diseases.  A diet rich in sugary foods has been shown to be linked to these diseases.  In the 1990’s Dr. Zhang discovered the stevia plant and its sweetening potential as a zero calorie natural sweetener.  Dr. Zhang’s vision is to develop stevia as a mainstream natural sweetener into global food and beverages to reduce the amount of sugar in our diets.  In order to accomplish this vision, Dr. Zhang knew that stevia had a great potential, however two main issues would need to be overcome; cost and taste.

Dr. Zhang and his team have worked for many years to improve naturally the varieties of stevia plants to reduce the cost of this sweetener.  The plant is the single highest cost in the production of stevia extract and therefore GLG has focused mainly on this area to bring down the cost of the sweetener.  GLG also has focused on extraction and purification methods to further reduce the costs and improve the taste of GLG’s stevia extract. 

Our core values are

Dr. Zhang’s realized that for his vision to be realized, a focus on quality in all aspects of GLG’s operations is critical.  We have high standards and our goal is to sell the highest quality products we possibly can.  Quality means the best taste, a product that meets international food safety standards, consistent product quality from batch to batch and a product warranty that GLG proudly stands behind.

Meaningful Value
GLG provides to our customers with high quality products at a compelling price.

GLG seeks to continually improve the quality of our stevia proprietary plants, our extraction and purification processes and our product offerings. GLG is always looking to improve its quality, lower its costs, and expand its product and service offerings. We will support the efforts of our employees seeking to push forward improvements in all aspects of our supply chain.

Collaborating within and outside the company is an important part of how GLG approaches its business.  GLG has important relationships with a number of key stakeholders that create value for both parties.  Stakeholders that GLG collaborates with include Governments, Farmers, Local Communities, Universities, and Customers.

There are two important areas of focus.  As a Medical Doctor and PhD in Pharmacology, Dr. Zhang’s focus on food safety has been paramount and is a key value in the GLG culture.  The second area of safety focus is plant safety and the concern for GLG’s employees and end product food safety is of utmost concern. 

Social and Environmental Responsibility
Social responsibility means providing jobs in those areas that economically challenged, means effectively managing water resources used in our processing, and it means taking responsibility for all waste produced during our production.  GLG sees its social and environmental practices as integral to our long-term business growth and success and is proud of its achievements in this area including two patents granted in China for its waste water treatment technology and its stevia leaf soaking technology that reduces the amount of water used in its primary processing by 30%.