Company Overview

GLG is a vertically integrated producer of high-grade stevia extract, an all-natural sweetener extracted from the stevia plant.  Through our vertically integrated business model, we specialize in the research and development, growing, refining, and production of high-grade stevia extract for distribution to the global food and beverage industry. 

The Company has filed for patent protection in China and has received a number of patents from the State Intellectual Property Bureau of the People’s Republic of China.  The Company has also filed a series of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications to extend its protection in other key international markets. 
With corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, and agricultural and processing assets in the People’s Republic of China, we are one of the world’s leading producers of stevia. 

Our Business Model

We have pursued a strategy of vertical integration to achieve the following objectives:

  • develop and control the highest quality seeds, seedlings and leaf supply in the industry;
  • achieve low cost production (seed and seedling technology and extraction processing);
  • exercise a high degree of control over our supply chain to enable rapid scaling and quality of final product;
  • maintain ability to innovate across all key components of the supply chain to further reduce costs and improve quality;
  • build a strong distribution and customer base, spanning the food and beverage industry including ingredient distributors, flavor houses, OEM manufacturers, and end-user food and beverage companies;
  • continue to innovate with stevia in food and beverage product formulation;
  • integrate the supply chain with our joint venture with AN0C in China - to launch consumer products sweetened with stevia; and
  • pursue licensing opportunities for AN0C products in other Asian markets.

GLG also holds an 80% stake in a consumer products company – “Dr. Zhang’s All Natural and Zero Calorie Company.

The key objective for GLG is to develop a strong brand in China for naturally sweetened zero-calorie beverages and foods and provide consumers with healthier alternatives.  GLG has already launched beverages such as Ready-to-Drink Teas, Vitamin Nutrition Waters, and Protein Drinks in the China market.  GLG will continue to formulate and launch new products, which include additional offerings in major beverage categories, health-oriented drinks and tabletop sweeteners. 

The GLG products will continue to be positioned in the medium to premium segment, and target health-conscious consumers or those who have certain medical considerations.  Added emphasis will be given to marketing efforts in schools, hospitals and few other organizations as well as distribution through health product channels.  GLG expects China East will be the primary market for its products, with China North and China South as secondary markets. 

GLG is the exclusive RTD Tea sponsor of the China National Olympic Swim Team, and plans to continue leveraging its existing brand equity investment as well as its distribution channels to launch the new products into the Chinese market.